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Amazing Airtel Recharge Offer for All User

Airtel Recharge Offer

Airtel Recharge Offer

Always we want to know that what is offered are available for recharge on the amount. For this reason, we will search this type of offer on google. Today we will share with you the Amazing Airtel Recharge Offer for All User, here you will know all information, Please read it fully.

48 p/min Call Rate

If you will recharge the exact amount on your Airtel number, then you will get a special call rate offer, It depends on your recharge amount. Here you can recharge 4 types of amount for different types of validity. Now we know the Airtel Recharge Offer details.

24 Tk Recharge Offer

You can enjoy 40p/min call rate if you recharge the exact Tk 24, this special call rate valid for 3 days. After 3 days you will be charged the regular amount of call rate, You can enjoy this special call rate to any local number.

42 Tk Recharge Offer

If you need 15 days special offer, then you recharge Tk 42 on your Airtel Sim, then you can enjoy 48p/min call rate for 15 days. You can talk 40p/min call rate to any local phone number. after 15 days you will be charged the regular call rate.

94 Tk Recharge Offer

You can also get the special call rate for 30 days, if you recharge the amount of tk 94 then you can enjoy this offer. To take this offer you need to recharge exact tk 94.This call rate also valid for all local phone numbers.

133 Tk Recharge Offer

It is a very big offer that you will enjoy this 40p/min special for 2 months, yes, if you recharge Tk 133, then you will enjoy this special call rate. So you can recharge Tk 133 on your airtel sim. You can get 48p/min call rate to any local phone number.

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