Annihilation: The First Competitive Multiplayer Game in Bangladesh

Annihilation Multiplayer Game in Bangladesh

What is Annihilation?

Annihilation is the first Battle Royal Multiplayer game which developed by a Bangladesh game developer. It is a big achievement that first-time Bangladeshi game developers made these amazing Multiplayer games. Previously Bangladeshi developers had made different types of games, but this is the first time they develop wonderful games for Bangladesh games lovers. We hope that in the future they made many many amazing high graphics games for us. So today let’s talk about Annihilation: The First Competitive Multiplayer Game in Bangladesh. Please read this post fully for know about the Annihilation games.

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Release Date

Already Crisis Entertainment has released some trailer videos for the Annihilation games. But they do not confirm the exact release date. But they confirmed that the hope Summer 2020 will be released the game. We will also get a trailer of the game in January/February 2020 & Recent. So we have to wait till next year, we hope that as early as Crisis entertainment has launched the amazing Annihilation Battle royal Multiplayer games.

This game will be exclusively released in the Crisis official store in next year. Since they have more spin-off titles on the way, they decided to launch the game in their own store rather than in a more popular store like Epic or Steam, PC, Playstation, XBOX, Android, and iOS so many also.

Annihilation Games Story

Basically, the games made with the Bangladesh culture program, so that Bangladeshi all popular locations will be included in these games. The Co-founder of Crisis Entertainment, Mr. Siam Hasan Uday says that the Annihilation will be a competitive 5v5 FPS game. The main theme of this located in the Chittagong division, also it will depend on Dhaka City, some fictional villages, and some fictional underground scenes.

We get some other information from The Crisis Entertainment Developer that they says us that Annihilation will not have a Single Player game mode. But this game will contain a deep back story. With so many competitive shooters out right now how this game will stand out from the crowd will be a tough challenge. So we hope that it will be more attractive in Bangladesh & we will enjoy it so much.

Developer of Annihilation

Mainly The Annihilation games developed by Crisis Entertainment, It is very glad to know that this game was developed in Bangladesh by a Bangladeshi Games developer. Mr. Siam Hasan Uday, The Co-founder of Crisis Entertainment. He says that this game they are developing for the first time & previously Crisis Entertainment team was made many games. Mr. Siam Hasan Uday is a Former Game Developer at Riseup Labs. At present, he is the Co-founder at Crisis Entertainment. Siam Hasan Uday Studying B.Sc in Software Engineering at American International University in Bangladesh. He also is a Programmer. Types of these games is Action, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer.

Annihilation Bangladesh Battle Royale Game Developer:
Co-founder: Siam Hasan Uday
Financial and Marketing Director: Shadman Siam
Game Management: Faruq Imran
3D Artist and Level Designer: Nahid Ul Kabir
Programmer: Misbah Habib

Annihilation Game Hardware Requirements

we know that if you run any software, that time we need to some hardware requirements. For that reason, The Annihilation has some hardware requirements. If you have not the minimum requirement, then we can not play these games anymore. so we need to know the minimum requirements for install the games. Now we will know How can we install these games in different devices.

Annihilation PC Requirements:

We have to need some extra hardware configurations if we want to install these games on the desktop.

  • OS: Windows-7 (Recommended: Windows-10)
  • Processor: Min Core i3 (Recommended: Intel Core i7)
  • RAM: 4 GB (8GB Recommended)
  • HDD: 25 GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 560 (Nvidia GTX 1050 ti Or Higher)
  • Net speed: Broadband
  • Additional Requrements: DirectX- v11

If we have to use the more high configure PC, then it will be more powerful & we will enjoy these games som Much.

Annihilation Mobile Requirements:

We can play these games if we have a Smartphone, This is a high graphics Multiplayer games, that’s why we need to have a high configure mobile device. The Minimum Requirement for Annihilation Mobile is minimum RAM: 2 GB & the android version is v7(Nougat). If we have 4 GB of Mobile RAM then we can enjoy it many more. So we can manage a high configure smartphone.

Annihilation Beta Map

On 22 December The Crisis Entertainment release a beta Map of Annihilation games on their official Facebook Page. On this map, we saw that the games made based on the Chittagong Division. Also, this game has another location in Bangladesh. Please see the below map for more information.

Annihilation Map
Annihilation Map

NB: Annihilation Beta Access Registration & Download link


Thanks for reading this post, we hope that you will get many information from this post. This is the first Multiplayer Battle Royal game in Bangladesh, so we always support to this game’s developer Crisis entertainment, so that they get inspiration & made this of amazing games & gift us. if you have another query about the Annihilation Multiplayer Game in Bangladesh, then please write your questions in the below comments section. again Thanks.



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