Class Six English Assignment Solution 2nd Week

Class Six English Assignment

Recent Covid-19 issue the education board can not able to take an annual exam. The board tries to continue students’ study in Online, they also take another step by submitting an Assignment. All Classes student must submit their Assignment to their class teacher. If you are a student of Class six. Then this post is very very important for you. here we will give you some tips for complete your assignment. Today’s main topic is Class Six English Assignment Answer. Please read this post very carefully.

Class Six English Assignment

All the Students of Class six must submit the Assignment to their Class Teacher. If any student can not submit the Class six English Assignment then the Student does not get enough marks. You must know that this mark will be added to your annual exam mark, so be careful about doing your English Assignment. Here we will share with you to Class Six English Assignment Syllabus & Solution also. If you are not complete your English Assignment yet, then please read this post & Complete your Assignment then submit to your Class Teacher as soon as possible.

Class Six Assignment Syllabus Announcement Notice

The authority of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) published the 2nd Week Assignment syllabus on 25 March 2021. All the student should complete their Assignment by following the assignment syllabus. We collect the Assignment Syllabus & try to solve the answer & given you so that you can easily Complete your Assignment & submit to your Class Teacher. Please check the below Image or you can download it from the below link.

Assignment Notice
Assignment Notice

NB: Click Here to Download the PDF file.

Class Six English Assignment Syllabus

Now we are talking about the Class Six English Assignment Syllabus. Please check the Syllabus very Carefully. It is the first step to Complete your Assignment. You know that the Class six Assignment Syllabus already publish the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) on their official Website. In this post, we will share with only the Class Six English Assignment Syllabus & Solution also. Please check the below Section to get an update about your Class Six English Assignment Syllabus.

Class Six English Assignmnet
Class Six English Assignment

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Class Six English Assignment Answer

Before the solution of the Assignment, please recheck the Assignment Syllabus Again. Then you should complete your Assignment task. Please find the below option to complete your Assignment.

First Day at School
First Day at School

In your writing use the following cues-

Q: When did you go there?
A: Mention the Time, when you go to your school 1st day.
Q: Who did you go with?
A: By whom with you. Your Father/Mother/Brother/Sister
Q: How did you go there?
A: By Rickshaw/Auto/Bus
Q: Who did you meet there?
A: Headmaster.
Q: What did you see there?
A: Nature of your School & many many students
Q: What was interesting/ boring to you? Why?
A: What you like or dislike there.
Q: How did you feel after returning home?
A: What you feel, Good or Bad.

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Class Six English Assignment Solution 2nd Week
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