Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2021

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule

Dhaka to Tangail Train

We are traveling from another location to another location for our daily needs. Some of them travel for important work like Job interviews, exams, Office meetings, etc, some of them travel for visiting natural places for a picnic. We can travel by Bus, Train, launch, plane, etc. But all of them Train Journey is more enjoyable. Today we are talking about Dhaka to Tangail tarin journey. Please read this article fully, you know about Dhaka to Tangail Schedule, Distance, train name, ticket fare & train time. Please stay with us for the article

Dhaka to Tangail Train Name:

The maximum of tarin for North Bengal of Bangladesh is going into Tangail. for that reason, many kinds of train are available for Tangail. There is only one Train is available for Tangail’s own district. The name of this Train is Tangail Commuter. List of Tangail train name:

Intercity Train name:

  1. Ekota Express
  2. Sundarban Express
  3. Lalmoni Express
  4. Drutajan Express
  5. Padma Express
  6. Chitra Express
  7. Nill Sagar Express
  8. Dhomkato Express
  9. Rangpur Express
  10. Sirajgonj Express
  11. Tangail Commuter

Mail/Express Train name:

  1. Rajshahi Express
  2. Local

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule

Many people search on google for train schedules so Now we know about Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule, Departure time, Arrival time & off day. Please check the below table

SL Train Code Train name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
1 769 Dumkatu Express Saturday Dhaka 06:00 Tangail 08:00
2 725 Sundarban Express Tuesday Dhaka 06:20 Tangail 08:35
3 765 Nill Sagar Express Monday Dhaka 08:00 Tangail 10:20
4 705 Ekota Express Tuesday Dhaka 10:00 Tangail 12:04
5 753 Silkcity Express Sunday Dhaka 14:40 Tangail 17:06
6 755 Sirajgonj Express Saturday Dhaka 17:00 Tangail 19:35
7 763 Chitra Express Monday Dhaka 19:00 Tangail 21:10
8 757 Drutajan Express Wednesday Dhaka 20:00 Tangail 22:04
9 751 Lalmoni Express Friday Dhaka 22:10 Tangail 00:19
10 759 Padma Express Tuesday Dhaka 23:10 Tangail 01:06
11 551 Local No Dhaka 11:40 Tangail 12:54
Dhaka to Tangail Train Ticket Price:

See the below list for know about Dhaka to Tangail Train Ticket Price

  • 2nd Class General Fare 40 TK
  • 2nd Class Mail Fare 50 TK
  • Commuter Fare 60 TK
  • Sulov Fare 75 TK
  • Shovon Fare 90 TK
  • Shovon Chair Fare 150 TK
  • First Seat Fare 175 TK
  • 1st Birth Fare 140 TK
  • Snigdha Fare 210 TK
  • AC Seat Fare 210 TK
  • AC Birth Fare 315 TK


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