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How to Celebrate Happy New Year in Singapore

Happy New Year in Singapore

Happy New Year in Singapore:

Wishing to you & your family for the upcoming Happy New Year 2021. Wishing for Happy New Year’s message sending by mobile SMS is for the keeping of good relations with each other and our society. Every year Singaporean people celebrate a happy new year with great splendor. In this year they also celebrating this Happy New Year 2021. they have many many plans for the upcoming Happy New Year 2021. Today we are talking about How to celebrate the happy New Year in Singapore. please read this post fully for more information about Singapore happy new year celebration

How to Say Happy New Year in Singapore

Singaporean people Wish to other people for Happy New Year with the Chinese language. Here give some common Chinese language wishing message with English meaning, for Happy New Year celebration, that is used in Singapore

新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè)

Sounds like: Sing neean kwai lur.
English Meaning: Happy new year!

大吉大利 (dà jí dà lì)

Sounds like Da jee da lee.
English meaning: Good luck and may you profit.

生意兴隆 (shēng yì xīng lóng)

Sounds like Shun yee sing llong.
English Meaning: May your business flourish.

心想事成 (xīn xiǎng shì chéng)

Sounds like Sing hsiang shi chng.
English Meaning: May your heart’s wishes come true.

恭喜发财 (gōng xǐ fā cái)

Sounds like Kong xee far chai.
English meaning: Wishing you wealth.

年年有馀 (nián nián yǒu yú)

Sounds like Neean neean yo yuwee.
English Meaning: May you have an abundant year.

学业进步 (xué yè jìn bù)

Sounds like Shyue yeah jing boo.
English Meaning: May your grades improve

四季平安过旺年 (sì jì píng ān guò wàng nián)

Sounds like Shi jee ping ahn kuoh wahng neean.
What it means Wishing you a whole year of peace.

Link: More about Happy New Year 2021

Happy new year in celebration place in Singapore

The whole country of Singaporean people will we celebrate a happy new year 2021. but some special place had made it very gorgeous and colorful. now we know about this place where Singaporean people celebrate happy new year very good wrestling and they enjoy more and more.

Place name for Celebrate Happy New Year 2021:

  • Marina Bay Singapore Countdown
  • Siloso Beach Party
  • Wave House Sentosa
  • The Civic District
  • Esplanade
  • HI-SO Party
  • The Promontory
  • Sky 22 and Urbana
  • Propeller Rooftop Bar
  • Me@OUE Restaurant
  • Reach for the Stars, LeVeL33
  • Coastes Bar and Sandbar
  • Kinki Restaurant and Bar
  • Helix Bridge and Benjamin Sheares Bridge
  • Mount Faber Peak
  • Universal Studios
  • Electric Sky at Bar Rouge
  • Tanjong Beach Club – Brand New Day Event
  • Singapore Flyer
  • The Glitter Ball at Ce La Vi

Happy New Year Celebration Video:

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