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How to Install Google Play Store on Huawei nova 7i

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What is GMS & HMS?

GMS means that Google Mobile Service by Google, on the other hand, HMS means Huawei Mobile Service. HMS is a set of applications and services providing many advanced features like Huawei ID, push notifications, payments, and other services from Huawei for its device ecosystem without GMS. HMS is only for Huawei Device & it’s developed by Huawei.

How to Install GMS on Huawei?

We know that on May 2019 Huawei was banned from Google, & the American government restricted to Huawei from Google, that why Huawei faces a big challenge on their Mobile Market. It is very hard to stary on the mobile market, so that Huawei was developed their own ecosystem, the name of this system is Huawei HMS service. How they have used the HMS service on their all Products. But it is very sorry that some of the applications is not working on the HMS handset So that we are trying to ins GMS service on the HMS handset.

There are some tips & tricks about how we can install GMS service on HMS Handset. Today we will share some tips with you that, if you follow these steps, then you can easily Install the GMS service on HMS Mobile. Today we will discuss about How to Install Google Play Store on Huawei nova 7i Using a PC. So let’s star guys…

Does Huawei nova 7i have Google?

Some of the Huawei Nova 7i users want to know does Huawei Nova 7i Supports Google Service? But it is a matter of sorrow that Huawei Nova 7i is not supported by Google Service, It only uses Huawei’s owns applications like HMS Service. But today we will share a trick that how you can use Google service on Huawei Nova 7i. Please read this post very attentively for know it.

How to Install Google Play Services in nova 7i

Now we will know how we can install Google Service on Huawei Nova 7i. Today we will know how to install the google play store on Huawei nova 7i using pc. It is a very simple method but obviously, you should very attentive when you will go to install Google Service. If you are a Huawei Nova 7i user then you must read this post, please follow the below steps A to Z for Install Goggle Service.

Link: Huawei Flash Tools

First of all you need to download some applications for installing Google. Click Here to know How to Download these applications. This application is very very important (Must Need) if you want to get GMS service.

After Successful Download these applications then please follow the below steps.


How to Install Youtube on Huawei nova 7i

Huawei Nova 7i is an HMS Service handset, that’s why there are no any google products. Also, there is no Youtube application. But youtube a very important social application, that why many many people search on the internet that How to Install Youtube on Huawei nova 7i. For that reason now we will know how can we install youtube on Huawei Nova 7i. Go to “petal search” then write “Youtube Vanced” & install it. Now you can enjoy Youtube on Huawei nOva 7i.

Conclusion: Thanks for reading this post. We hope that you can successfully install Google Service on Huawei Nova 7i. If you like this post then please share it with your friends & help them to Install Google on There Handset. Thanks again.

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