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How to Install Google Services on Huawei Y6p

How to Install Google Services on Huawei Y6p

Huawei Y6p Review Malaysia

Huawei Y6p is a new coming nice looking smartphone by Huawei. This the best budget smartphone at present in Malaysia. If your budget is around RM500, then you can choose it without any confusion. This smartphone comes with a 6.3″ IPS display, the resolution of this display is 720 x 1600pixels & Its Pixel Density is 278ppi. Huawei Y6p has Tripple Rear Camera which camera resolution is 13 + 5 + 2MP & it also has an 8 MP selfie Camera. This device runs with Android 10 but there is no Google Play service. The Battery capacity is very awesome, it is 500 mAh & it also supports reverse charging technology. Now it is available 4 GB RAM & 64 GB ROM variant in Malaysia market. The Huawei Y6p price in Malaysia is only RM 439.00.

Does Huawei Y6p Support Google?

No, Huawei Y6p is not supported by Google. Because of USA banned Huawei can not use Google service on their Smartphone. But if you want you can use google manually, today we will know how we can install Google On Huawei Y6p Handset. If you want to know then please read this post in full & follow the process given below.

How to Install Google Services on Huawei Y6p

Hello guys! if you are a Huawei Y6p user then this post is only for you. we know you can not use any Google Service on your Huawei Y6p smartphone, but don’t worry, we will share with some tips, if you follow these process then you can use any google service.

Necessary Tools and Drivers
  1. A HUAWEI Y6p Handset with Android 10 OS inside.
  2. WiFi Network.
  3. OTG cable.
  4. Pendrive or SD-card.
  5. HUAWEI – HONOR Android 10 backup file and Google service.7z file with all necessary files to complete this operation. Click Here to Download

NB: Before installing google Service on your Huawei Y6p, please backup all Data, Because all data erase when you install Google.

Installing Google Application and Service to HUAWEI Y6p

  1. Turn on the HUAWEI Y6p.
  2. Reset the Device From Setting.
  3. Connect to any WiFi network.
  4. Unpack the file HUAWEI – HONOR Android 10 backup file and Google service.7z and copy unpacked directory HUAWEI – HONOR Android 10 backup file and Google service to Pendrive or SD-card.
  5. Connect Your SD-card/ Pendrive to OTG cable.
  6. Then Connect the OTG to Device
  7. Go to the settings menu, apps menu then select again apps menu.
  8. Press more menu buttons and then show system processes & scroll Down
  9. Tap the force stop button 2 times.
  10. Go to HUAWEI – HONOR Android 10 backup file and Google service directory and open step 1 directory.
  11. Install 1.apk file then step 2.apk file.
  12. Hold longer on file then tap more menu button and select extract to and choose the select directory and use an ok button.
  13. Use the uninstall button to remove the application from HUAWEI Y6p, confirm the operation by tap the ok button.
  14. Go back to the main menu by making a back gesture.
  15. Use files application again, select the USB drive.
  16. Go to HUAWEI – HONOR Android 10 backup file and Google service directory and open step 5 directory.
  17. Install application.
  18. Now finish all process. enjoy Google service on your Huawei Y6p Handset.

How to install Youtube on Huawei Y6p

Huawei Y6p is HMS supported Handset. That why there is no Google Service, we know Youtube also is a Google Products, for that reason Y6p has no Youtube pre-installed apps. But we can use Youtube from a bypass way. Download Youtube Vanced Apps from your browser & install it on your Huawei Device, or go to Huawei petal search & write Youtube Vanced then install the Youtube Vanced.

Conclusion: Thanks for reading this post, we hope that you can install Google on your Huawei Y5p Smartphone. If you like this post then please share with your friends & help them to Install Google on his device. If you face any difficulties then please contact with us. our technical team try solve your problem as soon as possible.



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