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How to Make Android Phone Run Faster. Try to 10 ways for Speed up.

How to Make Android Phone Run Faster

How to Make Android Phone Run Faster

Nowadays Smartphone user is increasing day by day. Sometimes our handset becomes hang, we can not use our Device. The speed of Android smartphones depends on the type of user, and the settings of the phone. There are two types of Mobile users, one is light user, another one is Heavy user. We can increase the speed of the phone by following some rules while using the smartphone and changing some settings. Today we are talking about How to Make Android Phone Faster. Please read this article very carefully & follow the step.

Some tips about Android Phone fast:
  1. Remove unnecessary apps: Sometimes we install some unnecessary apps into our handset, which interrupts our handset to run fastly. We can remove it from our device. We should not install unnecessary apps in handset.
  2. Free Up Internal Storage: When we buy a handset, that time we check the device’s internal storage capacity. it is the very most important feature for buy a handset. Because our handset Operating system & installed apps set in internal storage. so we need to buy Big capacity internal storage handset. We can also free up our Internal Storage for better performance.
  3. Use External SD card: For better performance, you can use an SD card. You can buy it in the Mobile market. SD card helps you for more space memory units. It also can prevent the loss of internal storage space. There are many types of SD card classes, you should choose good quality memory card. It should more than Class 10.
  4.  Clear app cache: When we apps like, Facebook, Messenger, Google Chrome, etc, that time apps were full of cache files. For this reason, apps become slow, If apps are working slow, you can not get your device right speed. So you should clean App cache. Go to handset setting>App>App Storage>Clear Cache. But you should not delete App Data. If you clear App data, then you will lose your Apps file.
  5. Disable auto Sync: Go to your handset setting options and Disable the auto-sync option. If you enable the auto-sync option, that time some of the apps run in the background, for this reason, your device becomes slow.
  6. Update your System Software: Please update your Operating system & also Apps that you use. Sometimes Apps have bug error, for bug error solution apps company giving update version apps, you need to update these always. The update apps run very smoothly, for that your handset works fine.
  7. Use data Saver Mode: If you use the Internet Browser, you can on data saver from Browser Setting. It helps to load websites very easily. for that reason you can use your handset very smoothly.
  8. Reset Your Handset: If all of the tricks is failed, then you must reset your Handset. It is noted that pleases backup your important file before resetting your handset.

Thank You for reading this article. I hope you can Make the Android Phone Run Faster, If you can not understand anything, please write your problem in the comments section. We will try to solve your problem very soon.



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