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Huawei Developed Harmony OS

Huawei Developed Harmony OS

Harmony OS

Harmony is an Operating system that, which will be used for a new Operating system instead of Google. Harmony is developed by Huawei in China. Huawei is the largest Telecommunication manufacturer company in the world. Last year USA was banned Huawei from Google. So that Huawei can not use Google service in their Smartphone. So Huawei made a new operating system, which name is Harmony OS. Today we are talking about the Harmony Operating system. Please read this article carefully. If you have any problem, please write in the comments section.

Some Important Info About Harmony OS:

Harmony OS was Developed by Huawei. It is an Open-source & Free software for Users. Harmony OS Initially released on August 9, 2019. Till now Huawei is working on it for Develop. The latest version of Harmony OS is HarmonyOS 2.0. This latest version of Harmony Os is released in September 2020.  Basically, Harmony OS first develop only for the Internet of Things (TOT), but when Huawei was ba from Google, then Huawei decided that they will also use it for smartphones. Now harmony OS is using in the Internet of things, Smartphones & smart TV also. The kernel type of Harmony Os is Microkernel. In the future Huawei will change this name of Harmony OS, It will be Huawei OS.

Harmony OS vs Android:

The Linux kernel will be used for developed Harmony OS, also Android was using Linux Kernal. However, the similarity of these two between the Operating system is over. Now talks about different of these OS. Harmony OS will be used the Microkernel system, which is a very powerful chip for an Operating system. Harmony not used the full version of the kernel, so that it will be lighter & faster than Android OS. So that no need extra RAM & no need more Powerful Processor for runs Harmony OS. For using the microkernel allows the same operating system to run on different types of the device without any problems, on the other hand, Android or Linux OS need to new Design Operating system for runs other devices. Huawei says that Harmony OS has not extra coding for that it will be more faster than Android.



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