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New Whatsapp Features Update 2021

New Whatsapp Features

Whatsapp is messaging & video chatting software. It can be used in Mobile & desktop also. Nowadays Whatsapp has become popular in the world. Recently Whatsapp provide some new extra features to their user. If you want to know the updated features you must read the full article. Please read the post carefully & know about New Whatsapp Features Update 2021

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is software that, we can send our message to another person very easily. Whatsapp is a Video calling app, we can do video chatting with family or friends very easily. also we can send a text message, voice message also. Whatsapp is very simple to use, hopefully, you will enjoy these apps. today we are talking about some New Whatsapp Features. Please read this post very attentively.

How to Download Whatsapp?

You can download Whatsapp very easily, just go to google play store & type Whatsapp, you can see the download option. also, click this link for Download Whatsapp from the Google Play store. If need you can download it from Whatsapp’s official website also. The Whatsapp official website address is for android users only.

Some Common Whatsapp Features:

We that every software has some common feature, we can easily use this feature at any time. Now we know about some common features of Whatsapp. Please check the below list.

  • Text Message
  • Group Chat
  • Whatsapp Voice & Video Call.
  • Whatsapp on Web & Desktop
  • Whatsapp photos & Video
  • Ene to end encryption
  • Documents share
  • Voice Message

So you can understand that how important Whatsapp is for our daily work. So we can properly use for our daily work.

New Whatsapp Features:

Let’s talk about Whatsapp’s new features, Recently Whatsapp added some extra features in their software. If you can enjoy these New Whatsapp features you need to download it the latest version. The updated version of Whatsapp isĀ You can download it from the google play store very easily. Whatsapp added three new features, the 1st one is Catalogue Shortcut, 2nd one is New Call Button to Business Chats and another one is Whatsapp doodle.

Let’s know about these three New Whatsapp Features details.

  • Catalogue Shortcut:
    WhatsApp will add a quick shortcut feature to their business chat. Once the catalog is set the new call button. You can easily use two features only one button, In these features, Video & Audio call button is only one.
  • New Call Button to Business Chats:
    Whatsapp will add a new call button. A business, who uses Whatsapp, they can easily call another to another very easily. this feature is very helpful for the businessman.
  • Whatsapp doodle:
    Whatsapp doodle is used for edit an image. The WhatsApp user easily edits an image very short time, they can use emoji, add text, add another image etc. Also, you can use hand drawing features.


Thanks for reading this post. We hope you will enjoy these Whatsapp New Features. If you can not understand any topics of this post, please share your problem in the comments box. Our team try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Please stay with us for more articles.

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