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Top Apps in Bangladesh. 10 Popular apps that You Must have in Your Smartphone

Top Apps in Bangladesh

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Android Apps:

Android is the most uses Smartphone platform OS that mostly used in all over the world. Android Operating system is developed by Google. Today Android is the most popular Smartphone operating system than other Mobile OS. We need different types of Android applications for your daily work. It is very important for our daily life. Today in this post we will know the most uses Top Apps in Bangladesh which we are using for our daily work. This is a very important post if you have a smartphone. Let’s talk about these android apps. If you can not understand anything of this post, you can write your question in the comments section. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Top Apps in Bangladesh:

Most of the people in Bangladesh are using smartphones. Also, they need some important apps for different types of work. They need those apps for Listening to Music, Reading Online Book, for food order, for travel, for Photo & Videography, for gaming, etc. Now we know about 10 Important that apps are listed in Top Apps in Bangladesh.



    Sheba is an online service provider company, they give service for different types of electronics & home appliances Products. They Provide service for AC, Fridge, Motor Bike, Electricity, Painting, Lift, Digital security, etc. If you need these types of service you can easily hire them. You need to download Sheba apps from the Google play store. Click Here for download the Sheba apps.

  2. Uber:


    Uber is a ride-sharing company in Bangladesh. Basically, they give the rideshare service. In this platform there are two seekers, one needs a ride, another one is giving rideshare. Uber launched their service in 2017 in only Dhaka city. If you need a ride, you can use the uber android apps. Click here

  3. Daraz Online Shopping:


    Daraz is the best online market place for different types of Shopping. Daraz also is the first online shopping company in Bangladesh. They provide services all over Bangladesh. It;s very simple to buy products, just choose your products & select the payment method, Giver your delivery address. Click Here

  4. Chaldal:

    Chaldal is another online shop for grocery products, You can easily order your cooking things from Chaldal. But they only give service into Dhaka city. You can download these apps from Google Play Store. Click here for Download Chaldal

  5. Foodpanda:

    FoodPanda is an online food delivery company in Bangladesh. Also, they have online service in another 10 countries. You can order your food through Foodpanda, If you order by foodpanda you will not give any delivery charge. also, you will get a discount on different types of Voucher code. Click here for download Foodpanda apps


    Shohoz is an online ticket buying company in Bangladesh. You can buy your Bus, tarin ticket from Shohoz is the most popular ticket buying company in Bangladesh. If you need, Click Here for Download this app.


    If you need to sell your uses old products then you can sell it by It apps that you can buy & sell secondhand products. service is increase day by day in Bangladesh. Simply give your ads & give your contact number for selling your products. Click here for download

  8. Bkash

    Bkash is a Digital Mobile Banking company in Bangladesh. Bkash a part of BRAC Bank Ltd. It is very easy for transfer money from another to another with Bkash. it is very simple & secure for Use. Also, you can recharge your mobile balance through Bkash. If you need you can download it from here.

    Link: More About Bkash
  9. Ridmik Classic Keyboard:
    Ridmik Keyboard
    Ridmik Keyboard

    Always we use Smartphone default Keyboard for typing Messages. It has not enough features for use. You can use the Ridmik keyboard for the best quality typing. Also, you can write Bangla with these apps. It is very easy for use. Try these apps click here.

  10. Bangla Dictionary:
    Bangla Dictionary
    Bangla Dictionary

    Bangla Dictionary is a very popular app for know any word meaning. We face some difficulties when we see an unknown word. we can not understand this word meaning. Then we can use Bangla Dictionary for know the word meaning. Click here for Downlaod.

Conclusion: Thanks for reading this article. We hope that you enjoy this post. This post is very helpful for you about Top Apps in Bangladesh. We will write these types of posts in the future. If you are like these types of articles you can book our website



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